How Design Thinking Improves the Creative Process


How Design Thinking Improves the Creative Process

How do you facilitate brainstorming among different personality types?

One thing that we have learned over the years is that process doesn’t work with everyone. We have developed our own variation that works well with introverts. We ask people to individually think about 10 or 15 ways in which they can address the problem ahead of time and then we meet as a group to share the ideas and engage in a more structured brainstorm. Start with individual idea generation and then combine it with group idea generation.

Some good practical advice in this article about brainstorming, user research and prototyping.

Associated Grant Maker’s Harnessing the Power of Social Media Event


Yesterday, I had the privilege of providing the keynote at Associated Grant Makers‘ (AGM) Harnessing the Power of Social Media Event that was held at our IBM Client Center here in Cambridge for local area not for profit organizations. In addition to my short talk, there was a great panel discussion led by my colleague Amy Laine with Connie Chow from Science Club for Girls, Matt Wilson from MASSCreative and Lauren Winfree from Mass Mentoring Partnership.

If you are interested, AGM has created a Storify of the event here. They have also posted pictures on their Facebook page here.

Thanks again to Associated Grant Makers for inviting me to speak. It was a wonderful session with great content and great conversation.

Quiet Please…

If you are a tennis fan, then you probably know that Wimbledon started yesterday. Likewise, if you follow our @ibminteractive Twitter address (at least over the past couple of days), then you might get the sense that our IBM Interactive Experience team are really big tennis fans, a part of bringing the Wimbledon fan experience to life or both. (Hint: It’s both.)

On the mobile app front, our IBM Interactive Experience Live Events team has completely redesigned the Wimbledon mobile apps for 2014 and they are really beautiful. The apps are free and if you are a Wimbledon fan, they are must downloads.

(You can find the iPhone app here and the iPad app here. The Android version is available here.)

One other thing that is definitely worth noting is IBM SlamTracker. SlamTracker is analytics applied to the tournament. It “analyses the past eight years of results and statistics to anticipate a player’s performance against any opponent.” It provides an “at-a-glance analysis of not only who’s winning, but why.” Even if you are not a stat geek, it’s pretty cool and worth checking out.

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The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun


YWP-COVER-FINALJust finished Scott Berkun’s “The Year Without Pants: and the Future of Work.” I’m a big WordPress fan and have seen Matt Mullenweg speak at SXSW and other members of Automattic, the company behind, speak at local WordCamps.

This is one of those books that I pick up where I’m looking to learn something specific. In this case it was about how Automattic, an organization that is highly successful*, virtual and very distributed, collaborates and innovates. Related to these items, the book provides some really interesting insights around tools that Automattic uses (such as P2) as well as the organization’s culture and leadership.

* According to recent estimates, WordPress powers 22% of the Web.

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Ad Age Ranks IBM Interactive Experience World’s Largest Digital Agency

In their 2014 Agency issue, Ad Age has ranked IBM Interactive Experience the world’s largest digital agency.

From the article:

Long-established agency companies face more competition from the worlds of technology (IBM Interactive Experience, ranked by Ad Age as the world’s biggest digital agency) and professional services (PwC Digital, new to the Agency Report).

Everyone knows that size isn’t everything, but this is pretty cool news.